"It is not important what you are doing but what state of mind you are doing it."


Manon Clavelier is a french Artist and Photographer living and working in Paris, France.

She is working as a Fashion and Portrait Photographer, but also as a Digital Operator for local or worldwide fashion brands and magazines through advertising, editorials, lookbooks or artists' portraits.

Her FineArt Photographer's work is mainly inspired by human condition. Manon is fascinated by storytelling and Photography is the first medium she mastered to gather the deep-roated feelings we are all made of.

At the same time as her job as Fashion and Portrait Photographer, Manon became a Still Photographer on shootings for the Film Industry. She invested herself a lot on movies and then decided to begin a career in the Camera and Electrical Department. She is an aspiring Director of Photography and already worked on Video Clips as a DOP and Co-Director, and worked on Short Films in the Electrical team.

For more informations or print requests, please contact : claveliermanon@gmail.com

Publications : 

Nasty Magazine, January 2018

"Best Of" PhotoVogue Italia, 2016-2018

Somewhere Magazine, October 2017

Riven Magazine, September 2017

Wind Investiture Magazine, May 2017

Opalus Magazine, July 2016

Ignant Submissions, April 2016

Worbz "Pic Of The Day", October 2014

Collective Exhibitions : 

International Photo Expo ImageNation "Ethereal" by DeFactory, May 2018, Paris

Festival "Voies Off Arles", July 2018, Arles

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